A cluster of important birthdays this week, Lindzer Torte 21, Colby CoCo 16, Grandma C still holding at 39, and BPJ 21 as well, more on that tomorrow. Linds is always 26 hours older and as she insists wiser, Stonehill’s tennis captain and a regional champion. Colby is an accomplished thespian and has developed a voice worthy of State-wide acclaim. Gma an artist with a following from Toronto to Tampa, her watercolors wonderful. Happy to all.

Nobu seems to be in, Billy Clinton, Wolfie, Katie et al at South Africa branch. Russian spy ring, are we in the right decade? Has anyone seen James Bond? Another CP rant, can we get a new adjective, pleez? Everything and everyone cannot be “amazing”.

2 Replies to “BirthDaze”

  1. I want a new word for CUTE. Is that dress really cute or could it be what,,,what other word works for when you are shopping and exclaiming to your clothes picking partner, isn’t this “______”!
    Amazing. Fabulous. Fantastic. Or as LD would say Fintastic. Nope none of them work.
    But YOU are AMAZING.


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