Weekend Kicks

Jake and his Dad entertained cuzin Will over a couple of brewskis at South Street Seaport on Friday afternoon. U.S.-England World Cup match will be the focus of sports fans Saturday. GemQueen and A-Man are taking in a Yankees game at the new stadium, undaunted by the weather in luxury box seats. Celts and Lakers break the tie Sunday, sorry to say Celts have yet to take my fashion advice. Tiger’s got a new blonde, will she be in tow at Pebble Beach?

World Cup memories: 1966 I was at Blenheim Palace taking a tour when pandemonium broke out. Guards, guests, guides left their posts to whoop it up, yelling and screaming with joy. I asked my chaperone Hazel what was going on. She started doing a jig herself and said, “England won!” I think that was the last time.  In 1990, I was at a hotel in the Leidseplein in Amsterdam getting no sleep as the entire city seemed to be partying outside my window. Netherlands had beaten some country on its way to losing to West Germany eventually. Unless you are there, you cannot imagine how an entire country rallies around “football” outside of the U.S.

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  1. we were not in a luxury box at Yankees game. was bewteen home and third in regular seats but not among the “bleacher creatures” either!
    Great game and the Yankeeeeeeeeees won.


  2. Has anyone seen the photo spread of Bristol Palin in the new Harper’s Bazaar? OMG you must be kidding me. It is the June/July issue.
    Her mom MUST be planning to run in 2012.


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