Side Cliks

Jane Lynch of “Glee” and “Best in Show” fame, got married Monday at our favorite local restaurant, The Blue Heron in Sunderland. The NYTimes had a feature article and it’s also in this week’s issue of People mag. We love to take the back roads through Hatfield and sit at the bar a deux to eat fried oysters in the most heavenly Alsacian sauce, Chile relleno, or any local fresh dish they are serving. It’s also been the choice to enjoy with family and friends over the years. The Blue Heron was originally in an old book mill, but a few years ago Deborah Snow and her partner converted the town hall in Sunderland into a gorgeous venue. Snow is a creative chef, the food is local and consistently great.

Nice to see Tiger, Phippy, Rory, Jack smiling and having fun during skins game at Muirfield. Hope it’s a great tourney for golf’s sake. Right, Jake? Federer loses in the quarterfinals at the French? Quel fromage. Apparently the guy who plays Blomqvist in the Swedish movie version of Girl With the Dragon Tatoo looks like Jimmy Kimmel?!

3 thoughts on “Side Cliks

  1. Go Phippy!!! Sorry aunt CP but he’s my man. I know he has boobs but what do I know? Ok, got to go poop now. Blog ya later.


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