Inspired Trek

This is the true story of a long and winding trek. Yesterday, godson Jamison posted on facebook, “After 12 years and 5 universities, I finished college today.” He has persevered beyond belief and displayed awe inspiring courage. Although he needed no degree to prove his character and wisdom, it’s his goal fulfilled.

Travels to many lands and cultures over these years have given Jamison more education and depth of knowledge than any degree from any school. Take heart all of my friends who have kids going through similar treks. We will celebrate with you this weekend Jamison, but it’s my blog and I’ll kvell if I want to.

4 Replies to “Inspired Trek”

  1. Awesome! As you said, “The side treks” that many students take impact that person’s life forever. Teaching at a CC, I see that every day.
    I would expect many tears of joy and pride.
    Way to go!


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