Gray Daze

The last vestiges of brown will be eradicated today. Who will emerge? Paula Deen, God forbid. Emmylou Harris, God willing. Cosby says grey hair is God’s graffiti. I have no idea what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. All of a sudden I’m invoking God. Maybe because today grey hair seems insignificant, all’s well that ends well.

btw naked ladies really did wreck the economy- see SideBizness page- new report on huffpost

7 Replies to “Gray Daze”

  1. If permitted i will send before and after shots cause it already looks good,,,candyPants is a trend setter. (But worry not Emmylou, she won’t be doing your songs).


  2. Soooo…another trendsetting do, right? I’m afraid Paula Deen was never going to be a possibility, for absolutely, positively sure.


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