Cred Trek

It looks as if we won’t be running into Chuckie Shumer and Mikey Bloomberg canoodling in a booth at Lure Fishbar any time soon.  They looked so cozy chummy as they chatted us up one night a coupla years ago, after a cocktail or two.  Now they are feuding over financial reform. Mike defending his former life and NY’s most valuable employer, Chuck walking the tightrope between appearing to work for Main Street while retaining campaign funds from Wall Street.

Mike is also miffed at Barack for not calling to let him know he was coming to town tomorrow.  Prez will be speaking again at Cooper Union in downtown NY to advocate for financial reform.  When BarryO spoke there early in his campaign, I was impressed by how much he understood the industry and even derivatives. Hopefully reform will spur banks to get back to basics and return to giving people money to make things again. I’m not betting on it. In any event, if you live a block away from Cooper Union or need to get uptown tomorrow, be forewarned!

9 thoughts on “Cred Trek

  1. Contingency plan already in the works….His limo driver has agreed to take us North if needed. I knew I liked this guy. I’ll meet Barack at the heliport to confirm.


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