Soap Treks

I’m in recovery.  So many story lines.  Mickelson made some crazy gutsy shots which could have turned out very differently.  A couple of yards and that shot from the pine needles would’ve gone in the drink.  Jim Nantz the schmaltzy annoying announcer would say he had family values and kharma on his side. Perhaps so.  He not only won the Masters, he conquered it.  Props to him. Meanwhile, radaronline was reporting that Tiger had rented a house next to his in Augusta, hoping Elin would come with the kids.  She didn’t.  As the stomach turns.  Tiger posted a 69, I know I know, but he played really well all in all.  Phil and Tiger had distractions; Phil’s not of his making, Tiger’s of course only he caused.  I’ll always want to watch Tiger play golf, I’ll leave it at that.

GemQueen played 45 holes at the hallowed Augusta National 2 years ago with her own personal caddie on one of the two weekends a year they allow women on the premises. Next year we’ll storm the place, wrestle the pompous Billy Payne to the ground, make Jim Nantz confess to his own marital indiscretions, redecorate Butler Cabin and get rid of the barf green sportcoats.  No?  Ok.

As Hillary lets a little gray show, is she courting a more wizened look for a future on the Supremes bench?

CandyPants Rant: Can’t the Young and the Restless afford an actress to play the evil Sheila or Patty?  They have to clone current characters?  Budget woes everywhere. Nevermind, only I care.

10 thoughts on “Soap Treks

  1. Well, I waswondering when you’d get around to posting your thoughts! I too think that Tiger is a great player, but it is obvious that he is not the only game in town. I thought that he acted like a TOTAL A-HOLE in his post interview. What a display of arrogance and ego. Under the circumstances, to express complete dismay at coming in 4th and to reiterate the oft said “I only play to win.” shows an over the top arrogance, that he expects to win every time! He’s not playing against me and CandyPants!
    OK, I feel better now.


  2. ok I have had enough of Tiger—he didn’t seem very remorseful or even appreciative that he played after the debacle. And……………did we really think that 30/45 days in “rehab” would fix the person that took so years to make?
    Puleeeeeease where is the Dramamine?


  3. At flatiron lounge on 19th & 5th waiting for my lovely always late pregnant beautiful wife and just saw Deb’s pal Ted coming out of a coffee shop. Cheers to his beautiful white hair!!! As for Tigers interview after masters. He and Peter Kostis hate each other. About 5 years ago, Tiger would not do interviews with him because of an earlier spat concerning his personal life. Kinda love that Kostis gave him a bit of a jab with his question. Have to wonder how much he’s changed after his arrogant answers. Agree with Gem Queen. I’m a Phil fan and to me it couldnt get any better than yesterday. Jim Nantz aside, was an amazing “family” story that Tiger could certainly learn from.


  4. Joe- I wish I could but out of my control. Plus your sister ,CandyPants, would be ahead of you.
    sorrrrrrry…………but I am still a fan and look forward to seeing baby pictures 🙂


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