Masters Treks

Legendary Leaderboard first round.  I don’t care if Tiger did three donkeys and a horse, he’s back!!!! 2 eagles, lowest first round ever at the Masters.  And let’s hear it for the old guys, Freddie Couples at 50 and Tom Watson at 60.  Plus, Mickelson, Westwood, Choi et al.  Azaleas are in bloom and I’m a happy woman. Let’s just play golf!

Tom Watson won the U.S. Open June 20, 1982- the day of our wedding at Pithy Vinegar’s home on 76th and Park.  There was a crowd huddled in the back bedroom watching the tournament as we escaped to the Carlyle Hotel’s honeymoon suite. So unbelievable that Watson was a finalist in the British Open last year and on the top of the leaderboard in today’s Masters. Keeps hope alive.

Hampshire College Grad student Molly Koch’s film “Safe As Houses” is a poetic vignette, slice of life gem.  It’s worth spending 17 minutes.  Click here to watch. Wes Talbot breaks your heart in the lead.

Bon Weekend, I’ll be watching golf.

17 thoughts on “Masters Treks

  1. Sorry Candypants…… but I’m rooting for in this order:


    Didn’t like the Nike ad…..A bit full of himself? Bad timing, too soon etc……Still like Tiger but him winning is not the story I want to see this year. He can win next year. Here’s to the grey, old, big titted guys this year!!!!


  2. What other sport do you have to beg to watch the whole thing? The online announcers are idiots. Tiger’s just finished and now the t.v. coverage starts. Really?! There I’m done for today


  3. Come on….. Where’s masterstrek day 2??? So much to talk about. Phil & Tiger should be playing together, Watson & Couples should be playing together. Don’t Hootie and the other the other republican assholes at Augusta have any clout to change what the computer says and make it a more memorable Saturday than it
    already will be? Englishmen at the top an amazing story in itself as it’s very rate to see a European winner at the Masters. KJ Choi will be the first Asian to win a major….perhaps this year. For those of you (Deb) who don’t understand the aura and allure of the Masters….. I must say it might be the best sporting event of the year…. Perhaps second only to the final four only a week ago. NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA don’t hold a candle to either of them…… Enough said!!!!


  4. Wow. Now that’s a rant. I know not what you speak of but apparently could learn something. Have to admit I never dreamt I’d be riveted by the final four. Must just mean I’m old.


  5. I totally agree with you on the pairings. Such boring pairings when they could be spectacular- better than a soap opera. But no, we’ll get to see 3 1/2 hours of the last groups today. What other major sporting event is this poorly managed???


  6. They just want you thirsting for more and they’ve accomplished that. One day I’ll set foot on the hallowed grounds and all will be forgiven.


  7. don’t remember the name of the cottage we stayed in in Feb 2008. We played 27 holes the first day -18 and then the Par 3 and then 18 holes the second day. It was a lot of walking but having my own caddy for the whole weekend was amazing. The evenings were just like something from the “old days”- dinner in the dining room amongst the members dressed in green sports jackets. Women are only allowed on the premises 2 weekends a year!


  8. yea the woman thing is a problem and made the experience of going there slightly off-putting ( no pun intended) but figured a once in a lifetime invitation.
    It is as gorgeous as the tv shows.


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