Fool Treks

OK I’m going to get in my CR-V and drive down to Manhattan today.  April Fool’s! Maybe Joan will drive me to Atkins to pick up the brisket.

Today’s April Fool’s Edition of the Washington Square News was hilarious. I don’t even want to know which articles my darling son, Ben Levine NYU editorial board chair penned.  If any of these articles were true, he’d not be getting another dime from his parents.

Morning Joe showing manses of the richest billionaires- you can’t buy taste. Some butt ugly honking huge places. Happy Fooling Around!

5 Replies to “Fool Treks”

  1. I just came up the Merritt and they put bumper cars all along the side in anticipation of candypants behind the wheel. You could stop at Katz deli and pick up the brisquet. Right after you hit the walls of the tunnel…….Oy!!!


  2. can you drop off some of the brisket on York Ave on your way down? I only went to the first night Seder.


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