March Trek – Looking for Lamb

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. The day originated from Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale– when the vain cock Chaunticleer is tricked by a fox. This is too easy, joke amongst yourselves. Things haven’t changed much since the 14th century.

We’ve had enough-Good Riddance March! So many reasons, so little time. On top of my silly gray hair and everything else, I seem to have put on a few lbs.  I was not eating dinner and it worked for a long time.  I guess pretending to not eat dinner doesn’t work as well. Hide the mirrors. Now you know why I write this babble everyday, I never leave the house. But enough about me. Can you imagine being Dr. Husband?  I know a couple of other people who have had a much worse March and will look forward to new beginnings in April-that’s no joke. Grace a Dieu. Tomorrow we’ll do a blessings counting and look forward. Right?

7 Replies to “March Trek – Looking for Lamb”

  1. Yes, a new beginning. Spring arrives tomorrow and things only get better. So much to look forward to – births, graduations, birthdays (lots of them), anniversaries, successes, good food, warm sunny days, blossoming flowers, pollen, bees, mosquitoes. Sorry, got carried away. Really, it’s all good.

    And yes, I can imagine.


  2. Okay, what exactly do you mean by “imagine being Dr. Husband”?
    Does that mean: Imagine, he’s so lucky because he’s married to an intelligent, attractive, introspective, witty and caring person?


      1. yes you can be a Jewish saint as my friend Cindy gave me a gold necklace on my 50th bday that is engraved “Saint Eileen”. There you go…..proof.


  3. Time for that old fashioned bike, back brakes and comfy seat. Ride thru the pretend not to eat dinner hour on these balmy spring nights. Mosquitos, not so much. Like the optimism thou.

    Well said k9queen


  4. I’ll NEVER skip dinner, but I’ll throw my bike on the bike rack and ride around Look Park with you. When does that ice cream stand near your house open up? Sorry…


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