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As I’ve discovered, writing relieves anxiety. It seems for cancer patients it works too.  E. Gould’s essay, “Building Bridges” was selected for Memorial Sloan Kettering’s “Visible Ink” Anthology.  Readings will be on April 5 in NY.  Congrats to her on this and the beginning of her 3rd year as editor of MSKCC’s “Bridges” newsletter, Spring 2010 issue is out- cancer survivors and their family’s forum for sharing stories and support.  Check it out.

Sam Bungey, Madman’s talented son is waiting for Obama in Australia. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ son got married in Philly over the weekend- son is film student at Tisch, new daughter-in-law at NYU Law. BTW I think Tim Russert’s son Luke does a really good job.

March madness.  I agree with Eli Epstein, the purity, teamwork, emotion is so great to see in college basketball.  These players think, pass, set up plays, it’s like Cousy and the old Celts.  The games last weekend were as exciting as they get. Unfortunately, modern professional bball is as unentertaining as college basketball is riveting.  Today’s pros just travel, jump, dunk, shoot.  Borrrinnnggg.

Political Rant: Don’t let these guys get away with their talking points.  Rudy Giuliani on Morning Joe rewriting history.  Obama took over the banks, the car companies, wants to take over health care and your entire soul.  Excuse me?  Was he asleep when Bush did the bank and car company interventions?  Where is the press, why don’t they push back more?  Is Jon Stewart the only one who actually fact checks and calls people on false statements?  OK, and Anderson Cooper.  I don’t count bloviators on either end of the spectrum, O’Reilly or Olbermann, but c’mon journalists- where are you?  Village Coffee Party in May?

From the frig: Perfect filet of fish- see Recipe Detours.

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    1. That’s quite a newsletter Gem Queen. Just took a look at it and after spending the last couple of days as a visitor at Lenox Hill, it appears patient relations is at an all time low. Heartening to see MSKCC advocate for quality patient care, information and human compassion.
      Must be gratifying as well as anxiety relieving.


  1. Well written on college bball. Couldn’t agree more. The NCAA tournament is probably the most exciting and authentic of all sport. These guys and gals (womens bball is also exciting except Uconn wins every year) give EVERYTHING they have and leave it all on the court. Those tears are for real when they win or lose!! I love when you talk sports…..Dad would be so proud!


  2. More Kudos on your fish recipe–received rave reviews last night when I cooked salmon with just the oil, salt, pepper and garlic.

    I agree somewhat with the notion of college basketball, but I wish it was outside of the realm of the universities. Let’s call a minor league for what it is, pay these kids a salary and not award some worthless degree.

    I love your political rants. Jon Stewart is so fantastic. He really is the only watchable commentator, although I do love Bill Moyers.


    1. You have a great point. I Am Charlotte Simmons, by Tom Wolfe was a chilling example of what you say about the corruption of college basketball. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

      I was talking purely about the sport itself.


  3. I agree with both of the last two comments re: big time college sports, and the Tom Wolfe book was great but disturbing. I am a fan of Stewart as well, but last night’s 7pm (repeat from the previous) was one of his worst. I guess we all have bad days.


  4. Arizona, defeat John McCain!!!

    If continuing to troll Palin behind his Swift Boat isn’t reason enough…how about his
    outright lies and disingenuous denouncement of violence against yes voting lawmakers followed by calling the administration and democratic congress unethical and sleazy, no less than 12 times in a 2 minute interview.

    His hand wringing contempt and vengeful smirk revealed his real message to fanatics on the verge; lock and reload; pour gasoline on an already cut gas line.

    Only to be topped by McCain vowing to halt any and all bipartisan work for the rest of the year as punishment. What an excellent way to represent your constituents, Johnny.

    Time to be handed your ball and sent home.


  5. thanks Deb–appreciate your words . Don’t get me started on Lenox Hill– or most other hospitals in NYC. However MSKCC tried hard to make a difference.


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