Ides Treks

Extreme Accomplishment-MichaelB came in 2nd (much to his chagrin, “he didn’t come to play for no second”) at the 75th Thunderbolt cliff/ski event on Mt. Greylock last weekend, RyanB made it down, too (that’s all that counts to MamaBear).  It only takes an hour and a half to climb up to the start, carrying skis, and that’s if you’re in good shape!  Yikes!!!  These bro’s take after rock-climbing Dad- hard core but cool.
New restaurant Eclipse opened on Main Street, Hamp near Normand Bakery.  Zach Gorham, chef/owner was featured in TheSideTrek column “Foliage Fore-ays”.   He was at Lord Jeff, Bread Euphoria, and Worthington GC.  Good reviews from locals who tried it out last Saturday.
NYUguys upgraded to oceanfront SanJuan beach, the apple doesn’t fall far…
Dogs should blog- see TrekBooks page- right Bronco, Merry, Star, Bosin, Daisy, Rosie, Emma, Neo…?!
Good luck T-man, milk shakes await.
Rielle Hunter’s real name is Heidi Abramowitz from Rhinebeck.

CandyPants Madness- Final Four: Kansas, BYU, New Mexico, Old Dominion.  C’mon, don’t be wimps, pick ’em here now.
Go Amherst College Women!-D3

17 thoughts on “Ides Treks

  1. Don’t get nervous with your blogs Jean Jean. Everything will be ok. I have:
    Kansas State
    West Virginia
    NOT all 1 seeds. Perhaps us trekies(sorry) should put a little $$$$ on it!!!


  2. I wouldn’t have the first clue re final four but
    Ted’s picks are Ohio State over Syracuse and Kentucky over Villanova. I love the fact that we’re trekies.


  3. Joan left me a note to select my picks for the final four (at first I thought it was “final fear”, an unusual request). Before opening to this, the preferred blog of blogs and dogs, I went through the brackets on ESPN. No discussion with Ted before this mind you. My picks…………….OSU, Syracuse, Kentucky and ‘Nova. Unleashing my inner Carnac.


  4. Thanks for the kudos for my guys. Addendum…
    the younger bro, after breaking a binding, finished the bottom 3rd of the crazy race course on …ONE SKI. The crowd at the finish line went crazy.

    As for bball, prob. Kansas, but I hope VT. goes a way before beat.

    I am sitting at my computer in W. Mass watching 6 gorgeous deer jump my neighbors fence! Nice way to start a morning!


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