Weekend Treks-Rain Around The Town

Despite monsoon-like wind and rain, no one can keep Northampton-NY shuttlers from swift completion of their appointed rounds:
Katz’ picnic enjoyed in the Bronx…bpj picked up check at The Smith, great fun and food, 3rd Ave between 10th & 11th…Hotel Giraffe comfortable as always, best deal in town…perfect Sunday eggs at Les Halles, Park Avenue South… new cruiser bike bought in Amherst arrived in the Village…downed trees dodged and everyone healthy…nice visit with the brave and lovely Sue…thanks A-Man and GemQueen, Petaluma pasta delish, 1st Ave @ 73rd- left at 7:15, back home in Flo before 9:30, Dr. Maniac behind the wheel.

From the Frig:  Red Slaw- good reviews from N, J, G.  see RecipeDetours.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Treks-Rain Around The Town

  1. LOL – ‘Dr. Maniac behind the wheel.’

    I see a new reality show. The many faces of Dr. G. (Dr. Husband, Maniac, Evil, Evel Knievel, Hungry, Cranky)


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