Mile Treks

The New York Times’ Editorial Board to host its first “guest”, Ben, Washington Square News Editorial Board Chair.  Ben will sit in on a NYTimes editorial meeting.

BirthDaze- tomorrow it’ll be 9 years since the big Five-O bash in NY at Elaine’s and mafia discobest birthday until last year in London- lunch with Ben & Gary at Charlotte Street Hotel, Fitzrovia; homemade osso bucco at Frister and Madman’s flat in West Kensington.

En fin, adieu Jordan.  Bienvenu…

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  1. I did not watch it all, but I thought that Baldwin and Martin were a good combo! I was laughing out loud!
    What was with Sandra Bullock’s looks? She is so much prettier when she is more au naturel.


  2. You mean there are people in this world who don’t know Jordan???? The Nager family thanks you for the kind blog and rest assured he is up there yapping away with anyone and everyone!!! He will be sadly missed by all.


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