March Trek- In Like a Lion

CandyPants Rants:
Reality Shows Should Be Called: “The Real Neglected, Ignored, Exploited Children of Selfish Narcissistic So-Called Parents”. Octomom, Jon & Kate Plus 8, The Real Housewives of Wherever, et al.   Who is tending to the children while Mommy and/or Daddy are dancing, preening, posing, clubbing?  Where is the outrage?  No one cares about these children!  Babies are not accessories to be worn on the hip like a Prada bag or prammed around in the trendiest strollers.  Kids aren’t to be tossed in the closet at the end of a hard day on the “set” or photo shoot.

The Tipping Point Is Here NYTimes article yesterday about what’s really behind the Tea Party movement gave me chills.  The Glenn Becks of the world use words like “Proud Americans”,  “True followers of our Constitution”, other veiled code for us vs. them.  Us, the white Christian people of the heartland; them, the people of color and others taking over our country. It’s the last bastion of the old white guard and they are mad and scared.  Flash back to 1994: I started listening to an overnight talk show host, “Art Bell”.  Like Beck and his ilk, he was entertaining if not nutty with conspiracy theories and outrageous callers.  At that time, his show was rife with callers from “Militias” organized in remote areas of the heartland.  They preached survivalism and were anti-Government, anti-tax, anti-immigration.  All seemed harmless enough despite their pro-gun rhetoric.  Then at one point, Art Bell said that he was becoming increasingly disturbed by the ‘chatter’ he was getting offline.  A few weeks later we were stunned by the Oklahoma City bombing, but not shocked.  Now it’s more mainstream but no less desperate.

But hey, it’s March!

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  1. Wow, now we’re talking! Great full on rant and interesting connection to Art Bell and the WTF fallout. Reality shows equals Maurie Povich gone bad.


  2. Great blog! I myself vary between being scared of theTea party crowd (Did anyone hear any of their rants made at their convention?) and just being completely discouraged by the downfall of American civilization….. I KNOW, I KNOW…. that’s hyperbole… but lack of class, respect, ethics, caring… and obviously I don’t mean class as in do you identify yourself as lower, middle, etc. I could go on but I only slept 4 hours and I have a class to prepare…


  3. A Coffee Party Movement— PERFECT!!! No more vanilla chai tea,,,thinly veiled American Flag flying, hate mongering, fame seeking scum! What is happening around us and where, yes, is the outrage!? Civility, mere manners or some form of respect seems gone gone gone.
    If I weren’t so tired fighting the banks, I’d lead the charge. Where do we begin, boycott everything?


  4. seeing Palin on Jay Leno as a standup comic was the last straw………..can’t take it anymore and how many more years of her?
    Where will the Coffee Party meet? NYC??


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