Weekend Treks-Superbowl Omelette

Superbowl:  I’m saying Saints by 2.  House “fan” says Colts by 9.  Want to know your favorite or least favorite commercial. Update 9:58 P.M. 7 Feb:  Great Game.  Clash of the Paytons (Peytons).  Ballsy move by Saints’ Head Coach Payton, onside kick in the 3rd quarter.  How to take psychological control!  Brilliant.

CandyPantsSuperbowlRant:  The Who at halftime-geezer rock at its worst.  They should have sent in substitution singers.

Sunday Smoked Salmon Omelette for 2- RecipeDetours.com

CandyPants Rant:  After watching  American Idol, Kitchen Nightmares and major network news covering Sarah Palin addressing a “tea party crowd” of 1,000 people, I’m convinced people are overdosing on a new drug:  deluded

6 Replies to “Weekend Treks-Superbowl Omelette”

  1. You make my english muffin and watered down OJ seem really depressing. Love the quote from Jay Leno-too funny, and Mel Gibson gives me the creeps.


  2. Current music for next years SB halftime would be nice……Beyonce/JayZ…..Alicia Keyes…..Justin Timberlake all work for me!!!


  3. Why is no one talking about the two no pants commercials in a row, the two ‘little people’ ads in a row, (all different products) all the face slapping, arm jabbing, poking, tackling women (funny as it was). I get that it about football and macho violence plays well to that audience, but come on…
    Even worse than WHO (did the lead singer get a perm just for the night?!) did anyone see Steve Winwood & band sing ‘Higher Ground’ at the pre-show. Mortifying. Geezers, go away quietly. Please.


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