Carol Colitti Levine – Daily Treks

Deb does South Beach, check out in the coming weeks for hot news. “Washington Square News” has a new Chair of its editorial board, NYU junior Ben Levine-check it out. CandyPants Daily Rant:  Why is it that ambush makeovers always “color” the hair and cover the gray/white hair?
Let’s see some creativity in making the white hair hotter!  White hair is the new power color for women.

2 Replies to “Carol Colitti Levine – Daily Treks”

  1. You’re the bomb! Love this. So simple and straight to it. Love the variety down side roads, makeovers outside the box,,,, get a new idea people. We’re not going to be or look like 28 forever, and if we try it’s just ridiculous!!!


  2. I’m sensing a different perspective, my dear. I actually think that advertisers have been doing that, you just weren’t noticing!


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