Carol Colitti Levine – Cafferty File

Jack read my post on the air on CNN November 18 2009. Question: Would You Vote for Obama again a year later?  I said something like, “Hillary is looking better and better.  Hillary-Barack 2012”. Today he asks whether Hillary should challenge Barack in 2012.  I’m thinking that they should swap jobs.  She’d be a stronger leader and he’d be great as Secretary of State.  You betcha!

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  1. As a Hillary supporter from the beginning I think, HC in 2018. She’d be so taken apart for the very same reasons and being a women,,,the mean lying GOP would reach a new all too affective low.
    BHO has only just begun and a Mt. Everest of crap bequeathed.


  2. Too true. But I don’t think even Hillary could have overcome the insane recalcitrance of the repubs and ?blue dog dems to accomplishing anything of worth. I don’t think I’ve ever been as angry about things in my life.


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