De Briefs

So I was right about Rubio the Robot. He couldn’t reboot the loop. Thank you, Christie. You made the debate. And the pigs were right about the Broncos. Bum Phillips’ son Wade and his defensive team were the MVP’s. Cam looked as stunned as Brady did in their wake. But. It’s still the white boys club. Make no mistake. Manning’s. Rooney’s. Goodell rules. Commercials. Halftime. Meh.

And. There is a special place in hell for old biddies who hate men. Who trash young interns and only support women who agree with their politics.

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Super Stakes

SuperBowl 5-0. No. GOP Debate. Marco-mentum drummed up by the media and Republi-Cons. Cruz’ Nixonian sneer. Trump stock tumbling. Kasich, Christie, Bush, Carson last stand. Brawl. Please. When you hear conservative. Jello shot.

SNL tonite. Will the real Sanders please stand up? ¿Quién es más macho? Bernie? Larry? Larry? Sanders. Sanders. David.

The pigs on Kelly & Michael picked Hillary and Ted in Iowa. Broncos over Panthers. Denver has no shot, but the pigs were right twice. So. Who knows? Who cares? Good commercials and half time show. Bon weekend.

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Marco Play-Doh

Why the constant drumbeat by the Republican establishment for Marco Rubio? He looks like a bell hop. Rarely shows up for Senate votes. Joined the Gang of Eight. Then, said he didn’t. Travels with handlers and scripts. More a follower. Not a leader. Glib. Affable. True. But, why is he the mainstream darling? Because. He is malleable. Like Play-Doh.

He’s the young latino who can be manipulated by the NeoCon illuminati to do their bidding. A pliant pawn of Kristol, Rove, Wolfowitz, Will, Brooks. Jebra was their first choice, but he’s gone. So, Marco will prevail. Danger. Danger.

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Second Bananas

Who are possible Vice Presidential picks? On the right. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. Impressive résumé. Yale. Harvard. Oxford. Doesn’t bring a necessary State. Nikki Haley. Governor of South Carolina. Poised intelligent leader. Great speaker. Diversity box checked. Twice. On the left. Julián Castro, Secretary of HUD. Carries Texas, Latino, youth cred. Elizabeth Warren. Hmmm. Two women? Two socialists? Maybe not.

Trump likes the look of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. “Out of central casting”.  He is prettier than Palin.


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Nationalism v. Socialism

Donald v. Bernie. Or someone in between? In Europe, Democratic Socialism is giving way to Nationalism in the wake of economic disparities. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece v. Germany, Netherlands, France. Layer the refugee crisis onto that and xenophobia is on the rise. As immigration and ISIS take over the headlines in the U.S., will isolationism or income inequality win?

Voters will answer in tonight’s Iowa caucuses. The first test. Are we migrating toward polar extremes on either side or stick middle course? Cruz is just nuts.

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Jokers Wild

House of Cards script could not compete with last night’s political theatrics. The Trump Jet rolls onto the Des Moines tarmac with media frenzy and flashing bulbs. Long lines queue up around a small auditorium to await his arrival. Adele’s hits blaring through the hall. Across town, Cruz and Rubio snark at each other and Chris Wallace. Megyn Kelly holds court with a montage of each frontrunner’s flip flopping clips. A brutal hit job on both. Dulce Candy affords Jeb sweet revenge. But, too little too late?

Donald hugs it out with Huckabee and Santorum who won Iowa in past caucuses. Should he have gone to the debate? Of course not. It was his Frank Underwood (F.U.) moment. Could this get anymore fun? Bon weekend.

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Trump Change

Hillary gave uniquely genuine performance at the Town Hall. Her confidence and uncharacteristic charisma boosted by the President’s kind words. Bernie brought some heat. They both showed passion in a rather lackluster format. Obama will meet with Sanders at the White House to balance the scales.

The story of the day is Trump’s petulant refusal to join the Thursday debate on FOX. Megyn Kelly as host a jab, then Roger Ailes poked the beast. Amped up the snark to which Donald said screw you. His rules. What will he do?


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