Porchy Weekend

photo-79Time for tableside flowers. Porch books. The Green Road, Anne Enright. Turn off the TV. Aquarius. Sixties era Charles Manson story not up to hype, despite Duchovny. Go Rangers! Black Hawks. 7 games both. Rigged or what? Take that, FIFA. NHL can do it, too.

Fresh Recipe Detours. Spring Herbs Couscous. Cucumber Red Onion Yogurt Salad. Go with steaks or fish on the grill.  Bon Weekend.


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Mad Granny & Crazy Uncle

Mad Granny Warren and Crazy Uncle Sanders. Lizzie and Bernie. Angry activist populists. Bad banks. Spank. Spank. Moon bats. Sonar bites. Ouch. Occupy K Street. Lobbyist turnstiles. Incestuous press. Lefty MSNBC too much for me.

Meanwhile, Hillary should continue her quiet “listening and learning” tour. No need to speak. Wait for the crowd to emerge from their clown cars on the right. Keep Bubba tight.

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Sprouting Spring

IMG_1348-4Crops popping up in the Valley. Strawberries delayed. Couple more weeks. Tobacco sheds empty until Fall. IMG_1349-3

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Top Ten Letterman

Top Ten Reasons we’ll miss David Letterman

10- Marquee on 53rd and Broadway
9-  Preserved Old Ed Sullivan Theater. Regis
8-  Memories of City Squire Hotel. Red Coach Grill
7-  One hour earlier in San Fran
6-  Paul Shaffer. Chris Elliott under the stairs
5-  Snark before it was invented
4-  Early morning crazy Dave comes to Late Show
3-  Rupert Jee. Larry ‘Bud’ Melman. Mujibar & Sirajul
2-  Jaundiced political acuity
1-  Gorgeous suits. Worldwide pants

Let’s see if I can stay awake for tonight’s final bow.

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mAd Fine

Thank you, Matthew Weiner. For the fitting finale. And best television show of our era. Person to Person. Call from Don to Peggy where she reminds him how much he is missed and puts the Coke account in his head. Call from Don to Betty where they make their poignant peace. And the right plan for the kids.

Pete’s life looks ideal as he boards a LearJet with his original family. Joan stays true to character and chooses financial and career independence. Roger is a standup guy assuring their son’s future. How long will his new zou bisou wife last? Who cares? It’s Roger. Peggy continues her career at McCann. Albeit with a bit of a schmaltzy twist. That was the only unlikely and unsatisfying storyline.

Sally stays strong and will hopefully have many adventures. And then there’s Don. Just as his struggle with Dick is about to hit bottom again, he is resurrected from the ashes. Yoga. Connections. Revelations. Survival. Take him back to McCann with the biggest campaign in its history. Of course, Don creates the iconic Coke ad, hippies on a mountain singing about love and harmony.

It’s the Real Thing?!  It’s the Draper thing for sure.  Well done.

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Golden Daze

cropped-img_1150.jpgSeries and late shows end. MadMen, Jon Stewart Daily Show, Letterman. Dave should take Regis’ hand and walk into the sunset together. Eras gone.

Broadway in decline? Hope not. Nothing like an ensemble of old stage pro’s to bolster ticket sales. Remake of cubistic It’s Only A Play. As they await the NY Times review for The Golden Egg, this cast was worth the golden ticket. Nathan Lane. Matthew Broderick. F. Murray Abraham. Stockard Channing. T.R. Knight. Katie Finneran. Micah Stock newcomer. Homage to American theater. Lament of British invasion. “Is it true that the Tony’s will be in London this year so the winners don’t have to travel so far?” Lane gave this farcical show heart and soul.

Go Rangers! (hockey) Photo: G. Levine

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May Tags

Recipe Detour. First Hadley grass is here. Grill it. Steam it. Roast it. Eat it.
Travel Trek. Emily Dickinson Museum. Died on this date. Belle of Amherst.
TV Trek. Wayward Pines. It’s not Twin Peaks. But it is quirky.

Book Trek. The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me. Gotta love a hardcover memoir that comes bound with a pink ribbon bookmark. And it’s a delicious biography of a talented wealthy old dandy and his people playthings. Evolving decades of life at an Oxfordshire estate and its unlikely heirs. Fun read.

Bon weekend.

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