Fargo. The series got an Emmy. True Detective directing. That was it. Seriously mad. Don’t like Sherlock, Modern Family, Veep. Didn’t see Breaking Bad. Least faves. Seth was okay. Billy’s eulogy too soon. Re-treads. Same names over again. No Mad Men??? House of Cards??? Game of Thrones??? Jon Voight???  Jon Hamm??? Don Draper best character in history of TV. Stupid.

Lena Dunham wore what the Emmy award show regurgitated. Okay. I’m done. Ray Donovan still rocks.

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Best Emmy choices ever. Danes, Wright, Dockery, Lena’s Heady and Dunham. Voight, Hamm, Billy Bob, Freeman, McConaughey, Harrelson, Kevin Spacey.

Speaking of House of Cards, another binge-worthy NetFlix series. The Fall with Gillian Anderson. Creepy but good. Ray Donovan renewed for Season 3. Yay.

Forget Barclay’s. Maureen Dowd took fore metaphors to their test in her funny and brilliant Golf Address. A riff on Gettysburg and Obama’s bunker jones.

Summer Seafood Stew for Two. RecipeDetours.

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Summer Side Trekking

Quonquont Farm. Whately, Massachusetts.










DSC_0016-2Photos by Gary F. Levine

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Crying Wolfowitz

Again. Texas Gov Rick Perry is joining the old NeoCons’ chorus warning another terrorist attack on our shores. Darth and Liz Cheney, Donny Rummy, Paulie Wolfowitz on every channel predicting (hoping for?) another 9/11. Those hijackers came from Afghanistan. Not Iraq. NeoCons broke it anyway under false pretenses. Now we are left with ISIS savages. Could they hit us here? Of course. Recruit from UK beheaded our poor journalist. But, it is beyond unseemly to hear these aging apologists lining up to say they told us so if it does happen.

Flashback. Rory hitting golf balls with Jimmy Fallon. Tiger acting as caddy. He didn’t look much different than the toddler on the Mike Douglas show years ago. No. Not Michael Douglas-Zeta Jones. Merv Griffin-era afternoon talk days. Yeah. I’m old. Bon weekend.

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It is hard to see images of a war zone erupting again in our own country. Militarized police who live in the suburbs and have no connection to the communities they serve. But, as this WashPost article so disturbingly illustrates, perceptions begin to form during pre-school. Prophecies fulfilled. Pope Francis said that the biggest threat to peace in the world is young men without jobs. True here as well as Iraq and beyond. Mixed with outside provocateurs. Boom.

Hay fever is here. Sneezing. No sleeping. So, turned to a new book. We Are Liars, by E. Lockhart. Loved the cadence of her writing, poetic at times. Intriguing mystery on a private island owned by a rich dysfunctional family. Interspersed fairy tales added to the subterfuge. Didn’t like Cadence, the main character. A privileged superficial girl. Tragic consequences of misguided teens. It’s a theme.

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Autumn in August

OK. It’s Fall. Low sun. Chill nights. Last roses. DSC_0016-1Goldenrod. Ragweed. Football. Matt Weiner previewing last 7 episodes of MadMen on Morning Joe. Kids going back to school. College. Whew. Porch-friendly summer. Lots of books. So. 

Civilized communication exhumed in the heartland. Bloodless coup in Iraq. Todd takes over MTP from Gregory. No Curry-esque humiliation on-air. Another Sunday surprise. Holder nominated to replace Ginsberg on the Supreme Court? Tiger gives Watson cover. Takes himself out of Ryder Cup. Euro-year anyway.

photo-25Black cherry tomatoes. Neighbor’s novel garden treat.
Bon weekend.


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Back to Iraq. We need villains to justify military action. ISIS is a worthy genocidal nemesis. Why can’t we mount an attack to obliterate them? Years of failed wars and occupations. Fear-mongering as pretense after 9/11 has depleted spirit and treasure paralyzing the Pentagon for decades to come.

Happy rewind. We were eating at E’Angelo in San Francisco when mAdBen was a few months old. Robin Williams walked in with a baby girl in his snuggly. She was wearing the same hat as Ben’s. Unique from a Jackson Street boutique. Dr.Husband nodded to baby girl and said, “nice hat”. Robin replied, “nice hat”, nodding at Ben. They traded baby names. Hers Zelda. Ben and Zelda met again as toddlers listening to stories around the blue rug at San Fran’s JCC pre-school. Dad Robin often joined in and animatedly read to them. 

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