DownSide Up

Guess Jeb didn’t like our casting aspersions on his punctuation. His ! has steeled. A bit. Going after The Donald’s conservative bona fides to buck up his own manhood. But. Sui generis. El Trumpo. Let’s see if it works. Carly succeeded in getting CNN to amend its debate criteria. Yay for her. Smart she is.

Yahoo’s CEO risks toppling long-fought need for maternity leave. It teeters already on the precipice of work life balance v. running a business.

And the definition of chutzpah? Cheney. Fear-monger in chief. Still spewing his NeoCon venom. See Jeb! and his foreign policy team.

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Summer Simmer

Dynastic duo’s summer woes. Jeb’s ! is limp. H-Rod’s arrow is bent. They both look tired, testy, lethargic and spent. There’s still a long way to go.

Ray Donovan. Worth leaving the porch to watch. Gets better every week. Cuts to the core of each character’s soul. Acting ensemble in a league of its own. Plus, stellar guest performances from Ian McShane to Katie Holmes.

Jason Day tore up the Barclay’s. Trumped by the Donald’s surprise appearance on the back nine to support his own golf course guy. Always the show. VMA’s. No. Kanye crazy. Miley, Minaj. Body parts vs. talent. Taylor Swift has it.

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New American Divide

Peggy Noonan‘s piece in the Wall Street Journal analyzes the new voting “base”. From her New York neighborhood to the Trump-nomenon. Elites vs. non-elites with no particular party loyalty. Confounding pundits and reporters alike.

And then there’s the arcane paradigm pitting men against women. It’s beyond insulting to think that women vote in a mindless monolithic block. Hillary’s history-making inevitability. Really? Wondering why H-Rod and bff aide Huma Abedin stayed married to bimbo-eruptor Bill and sleaze dog Weiner. How does that recommend them to repudiate acts against. Wait for it. Women. Or girls.

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Jebetude 2

Quinnipiac poll. Describe Jeb Bush in one word. The #1 response was ‘Bush’. Closely followed by ‘tired’.  See hebetude.

Jeb!’s idea of generating gusto is to offer a lucky donor tickets to his upcoming visit to Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Cool, right? This is how he begins the enthusiastic e-vite. ‘Running for President can be taxing and grueling…’ Why is this guy running? It’s only August and he’s out of steam. Yup, Trump. Low energy. Poll word used to describe H-Rod besides #1 ‘liar’ is ‘termagant.’ Ouch.

Charles Blow is up to here with Trump coverage. Lighten up. It’s silly season.

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Bottom Out?

China markets plunge. Global indices follow. Fundamentally speaking there are still few places to invest. Real estate. Equities. No other instruments have the potential for a meaningful return. Risk. Reward. Institutional portfolio makers have no where else to go. So, hang tight. Stocks will be at 17,000 again at year-end. Of course, I have no more idea what I am talking about than anybody else. Common sense and logic will hopefully prevail.

Davis Love III took the top honors at the Wyndham at 51. Youth take note.

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Cosmo Knot

El Trumpo has to go beyond Putin as his role model. Popular macho nationalist. It will be tough to topple the old Republican guard with a new American oligarchy. Plus, there’s that pesky Congress to contend with. Suppose he could buy most of them off, as is done in Moscow, but it’d cost a lot of dough.

Helen Gurley Brown created the Cosmo Girl. She was the antithesis of contemporaries Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, alums of Smith College. Helen cheekily plunked her papers there as a screw you to feminists everywhere. According to this fascinating NYTimes piece, today HGB’s Smith archive collection and her legacy may be tied in an ironical knot of feminine egos.

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Game Changers

Are the tables turning? Defining moment. Apolitical sibling yearned to see Trumpo at New Hampshire town hall. Ready to make the trek. Wow. The Donald expects to fill a stadium in Alabama tonight. What will he say about North Korea’s war taunt? Kim Jong. Bing. Bing. Bong. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Probably. While everyone else scowls and gripes. H-Rod to go toe to toe with Joe?

Tiger shot a 64. Could there be more? Caitlyn Jenner changed so she could go to a women’s prison for manslaughter? Just asking. Bon weekend.

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