Delicious Fourth

Get out the mesquite. It’s cookout time. Local farm stands await. Happy 4th!

Grilled Corn & Flank Steak. Summer Slaw. Cucumber Salad.
Homemade shortcake, fresh whipped cream, berries from Smiarowski’s.
Red White & Blue Dessert.


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Katty Kay in for Mika. Can we keep her? Please. Christie entering the clown car. Oops. We’ll need a van. Tim Robbins and Jack Black funny on the Brink. Phippy gamblin’ on golf. Pete Rose gonna be his new caddie.

photo-85mAd Ben celebrating 26 in Seattle. Last time bday on the West Coast in San Fran’s Lafayette Park for his 5th. photo-83


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Drach EU ma

An ancient vampire is poised to suck the blood out of the EU. Taking the world markets with it. Count Drachma may emerge from his crypt. Will the ruble now see daylight? Euroland is vulnerable to a global financial bite. Twenty years later than I’d guessed, the death knell of a continental experiment.

Talk about ghoulish. Finally watched first two new True Detectives. Nic Pizzolatto rises again. Brilliant.

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Who isn’t? Even Romney may be back in the fray. Christie. Jindal. Kasich. Join Trumpster, Huckabee, Cruz, Paul et al. So many clowns in the little car. How does Arnold say his home state? Carly Fiorina. Nod to Jimmy Fallon. At any rate. It’s going to be so much fun!

Let Bernie take on Hillary as a sideline. C’mon. Vermont Socialist Jew with a New York accent? Talk about entertainment. Bring it on everyone! Still holding out for my Bloomberg Mike. Strawberry Fields Forever. Bon weekend.

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Obama wins trade deal. When will you ever see Senator voting blocks like this again? Feinstein with Cornyn. Cruz with Warren. 60-37. Leadership rising. Governor Nikki Haley epitomized eloquent common sense creating comity in her rapid response to the Confederate Flag decision in South Carolina. Refreshing. Well done on all counts. Dustin Johnson licking his wounds after epic choke. Mickelson-esque. Handed U.S. Open to Jordan Spieth for his second major of the year. Cool crazy course with gorgeous Puget Sound vistas. Woods absent. Trading generations.

Strawberry Season. Pick your own polka dots. IMG_1392

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Montauk Hwy Getaway

Happy Father’s Day today to Dr.Husband of 33 years yesterday. Celebrated with our traditional six-ferry getaway. Clam bar little necks. Lobster rolls at Lunch. IMG_1389

Never had to leave our little stretch of paradise along the ocean between Montauk and Amagansett. Trust me. It’s not a highway. No crowds. All sun. Can’t remember the last time we sat on a beach for 5 hours. Blissful fun.

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GOT out

Game of Thrones season finale. Spoilers-ish. Cersei, Jaime, Stannis get their what for. Khaleesi encounters her original peeps. Jon Snow will soon be playing tennis with Andy Samberg. Arya gives as well as she gets. Tyrion rules. Sort of. Snippets of humanity between beheadings. Kind of.

Hillary v. Jeb. Is that all there is? Probably so. In the meantime, off to vacay.

Check out 2015 book reviews for summer reading consideration:

The Green Road, Anne Enright.
The Wonder Garden, Lauren Acampora.
The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me, Sofka Zinovieff.
At the Water’s Edge, Sarah Gruen.
Ruby, Cynthia Bond.
All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr.
The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins.
The Magician’s Lie, Greer Macallister.
Boston Girl, Anita Diamant.
The Devil You Know, Elisabeth de Mariaffi.

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