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ISIL action in Syria will be a proxy for going after Assad and Putin. Economic sanctions aligned. Dan Silva’s The Heist, gives a fascinating history of the Assad family and their need to amass secret wealth. Worth a read just for that.

Congress is side-tracked with Benghazi Derangement Syndrome. House Special Witch Hunt Committee. Trey Gowdy Doody a FauxNews appendage for ratings and base fundraising. As the World Burns.

Meanwhile, violence is escalating on and off the field in the NFL every week. It is at a tipping point. I hope. Tom Wolfe coined a culture in his masterpiece 2004 novel I Am Charlotte Simmons. Jocks getting away with bad behavior starts in our universities. Because of alumnae bucks. Sponsors and fans are the only ones who can quell America’s sports delirium. Show me the money. 



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SideTrek Joe

Happy Birthday to SideTrek’s loyal and prolific fan. Joey3Sticks. JoeyPants.


This year’s Quotable Joe Quotes:

Pat’s are done. Season is over. (after first game)
Shortest summer ever! Please god no snow this winter.
Would kill to spend a day with Anthony Bourdain… in Paris or San Francisco.
I just got off the throne!
They cut all the trees. Call the fence company at the end of your street now!
It’s only a matter of time before a tragic event happens during an NFL game.
Oh my holy lord. Did you see auntie Lillian and May?
That leaf storm is staged!! I see a mysterious hand in the bottom right corner.
Just call them anchovies and get over yourself!!



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Rantdom Thoughts

According to Charles Barkley and Adrian Peterson, it’s the norm in the South to whup your kids with a switch. Even if it weren’t clearly child abuse, aren’t welts what slaves used to get from their masters’ whips? Ironic cultural legacy.

And. Why? It’s a crime when you punch a stranger. You go to jail for that. But, if you beat a family member silly it’s a private matter. You play on Sunday.

And. How is putting boots on the ground in Syria going to stop radicalized psychopaths from killing people in Kansas? See Tsarnaev Brothers in Boston. GangWorld.

And. Will it take a major bridge collapse before we stop spending money on armies and weapons and wars and start spending on infrastructure here?



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Heirloom Columbus

Columbus Avenue Farmers Market. Next to the Natural History Museum.




And 13 years after 9/11. Nice to see a happy face at Engine Company 74.



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Kitchen Therapy

cropped-img_0663-22What to do when the world is going mad? Take a Recipe Detour. Gather local farms’  bounty for a few last weeks. Turn off the television and cook!

Salad with Manchego cheese and peaches.
Cucumber Raita.
Cioppino with tilapia and little neck clams.
Gazpacho with watermelon.
Vichyssoise with a kick.
Tandoori Chicken Grill with fresh mint.
Tandoori Broiled Shrimp in 6 minutes.
Sriracha Pork Steaks with peppers.
Roasted Squash Couscous.
Mashed Potatoes & Parsnips.


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A recruited group of disaffected youth curried by a culture of violence coddled by a familial feeling of acceptance. That’s my definition. Global gangs. Al Qaeda kinda. ISIL definitely. No borders. No rules. Neglected kids confused by lack of identity and structure. Like those in the NFL? Inner city streets? Law enforcement? Blurred lines. A pervasive disease metastasizing.

It starts at home. Absent parenting. Role models condoning bad behavior. Institutional thuggery. Crimes defined as mistakes. Religious jihad guise. Generational danger. How do we wage a war on this? Airstrikes seem superficial.


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Or is it? Same critics suing Obama for abusing executive power are calling for him to go to war. Now Lone Ranger good. McCain warning against more home-grown ISIS terrorist converts named McCain. Oops. What strategy does that fit?

Contradictions abound on both sides of the debate. It’s that pesky gray area again. We need bad guys in one country so we can invade it. That was so 20th Century. Should have left the tyrants alone. Krauthammer calls Prez’s foreign policy adolescently naïve. Like Mission Accomplished?


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