Of Mice and Women

Helen Gurley Brown dubbed wallflower women “mouseburgers”.  Lena Dunham’s new book gives advice to such women that takes Brown’s mantra to heart. Stay single as long as you can and have all the sex you want. Call the shots and don’t be a doormat. Trailblazers both. In a good way?

Speaking of mouseburgers. Secret Service Chief Julia Pierson’s performance in front of the House Panel to address glaring lapses in security was abysmal. Competence trumps gender. She doesn’t seem qualified to run a Quik Stop.


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Bumpy Ryde

Ryder Cup. Biennial rout of U.S.A. Americans are jingoistic prima donnas who can’t play as a team. Coddled all the way up, they whine about playing 36 holes in a day. They yip and overanalyze taking ridiculous amounts of time. Keegan the worst. This year’s captain, Tom Watson is a bit of a dip. Thanks his wife, then takes it back. Calls Euro Team studs. At the press conference, Phippy Mickelson trashes Tom’s leadership and strategy in front of his team and the world. Sportsmanship? Lose with grace. Sour grapes. Bad taste. Red pants were cool.

Europeans are journeymen who’ve earned their way and come together in the end. They laugh, joke and drink together. A lot. More fun. More class. Win.

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Back to Class

Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium was magical. Crowd respected #2. Captain walked off with style. Literally. Consistent class. Ryder Cup camaraderie is also refreshing if not exciting this year. Rookies rule so far. My bias is Team Euro. More fun. In light of recent sports news, some things to smile about.

Summer at September’s end. Porch reading returns. Finished Kathleen Tessaro’s The Perfume Collector. An okay airplane chick read. Dan Silva’s The Heist topical page-turner. May have to re-read Gone Girl before seeing the movie. Apple picking. Last corn and barbecue. A welcome respite. Bon weekend.


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The U.N. Security Council meeting called by President Obama today was fascinating to watch. Each member defined the dire global challenge of the 21st century. They all voiced concern that pods of terrorist psychopaths are now organized more rapidly than ever on social media. A gathering place for disaffected Muslim and non-Muslim youth alike who are angry, bored, aimless. Jihad a romantic guise. ISIL, Boko Haram, et al. Labels don’t matter. Hearts and minds can be converted to any sociopathic culture anywhere.

Security Council members each stated their belief that it will take generations to reverse the tide. And that economics underlies the cause of instability in every region. Even the Russian and Chinese Ambassadors joined the condemnation of these fast emerging extremist violent cults. Again, it seems that airstrikes can only exacerbate hatred and anger for those already predisposed to join evil clans. Tweets not bombs.

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MoneyMorning QB

ISIL action in Syria will be a proxy for going after Assad and Putin. Economic sanctions aligned. Dan Silva’s The Heist, gives a fascinating history of the Assad family and their need to amass secret wealth. Worth a read just for that.

Congress is side-tracked with Benghazi Derangement Syndrome. House Special Witch Hunt Committee. Trey Gowdy Doody a FauxNews appendage for ratings and base fundraising. As the World Burns.

Meanwhile, violence is escalating on and off the field in the NFL every week. It is at a tipping point. I hope. Tom Wolfe coined a culture in his masterpiece 2004 novel I Am Charlotte Simmons. Jocks getting away with bad behavior starts in our universities. Because of alumnae bucks. Sponsors and fans are the only ones who can quell America’s sports delirium. Show me the money. 



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SideTrek Joe

Happy Birthday to SideTrek’s loyal and prolific fan. Joey3Sticks. JoeyPants.


This year’s Quotable Joe Quotes:

Pat’s are done. Season is over. (after first game)
Shortest summer ever! Please god no snow this winter.
Would kill to spend a day with Anthony Bourdain… in Paris or San Francisco.
I just got off the throne!
They cut all the trees. Call the fence company at the end of your street now!
It’s only a matter of time before a tragic event happens during an NFL game.
Oh my holy lord. Did you see auntie Lillian and May?
That leaf storm is staged!! I see a mysterious hand in the bottom right corner.
Just call them anchovies and get over yourself!!



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Rantdom Thoughts

According to Charles Barkley and Adrian Peterson, it’s the norm in the South to whup your kids with a switch. Even if it weren’t clearly child abuse, aren’t welts what slaves used to get from their masters’ whips? Ironic cultural legacy.

And. Why? It’s a crime when you punch a stranger. You go to jail for that. But, if you beat a family member silly it’s a private matter. You play on Sunday.

And. How is putting boots on the ground in Syria going to stop radicalized psychopaths from killing people in Kansas? See Tsarnaev Brothers in Boston. GangWorld.

And. Will it take a major bridge collapse before we stop spending money on armies and weapons and wars and start spending on infrastructure here?



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