Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s new book, Off the Sidelines. Navigating life on the political playing field. Her long drive from motherhood to congressional leadership. Can’t do it from the bleachers. On other gridirons, Peyton Manning managed to make history with most touchdown passes. After his SuperBowl pummeling, a better legacy. Even if SanFran handed it to him. Cowboys rise again. Old rivalries recalled as baseball Giants series begins.

Gone Plots. The Affair is clearly a derivative of Gillian Flynn’s he-said, she-said psychological thriller. Alison v. Noah. Amy v. Nick. Love Affair’s scenes from Lunch, enduring Lobster Roll diner, a frequent haunt over our 33 years along the Montauk Highway. On Homeland, Carrie has gone back to employing her basic instincts in edgy espionage and seductive recruiting. Blurry lines.


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A quarter century ago today. mAdBen started life on a natural roller coaster. Big Quake of ’89 bounced him around the nursery at 4-months old in SanFran. That seemed like enough of a ride. After 25 years business finally got mAdBen to Disney World. Bad mamma never took him to Orlando. Or Epcot. What?


Giants back in the World Series. Thursday night football seems silly, but Pats-Jets game was close and despite a Lovely effort New England eked it out. EbolaNews free zone. Bon weekend.

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Crisis of Competence

Casting aspersions on healthcare workers who contracted Ebola in Dallas for not following proper protocols. Blaming the victims. The real culprit is the politically correct jerk who runs the CDC. He cares more about economies in West Africa. Blames nurse for getting on a commercial airplane. Turns out, his people gave her the okay to fly even after she alerted them that she had a fever. Even if no symptoms, she treated a guy who died from Ebola. Common sense, anyone?

It is one thing when the guy bagging groceries puts eggs on the bottom of the bag with wet ice cream and bread. Incompetence seems pervasive these days. But, when it’s life or death. It’s not okay anymore.


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Pope Francis made an earth-shattering revelation. He actually took a page from the Good Book. God loves all those who love each other. Now Catholics can, too.

Doctors should not be spokespersons for Ebola messaging. Medical speak can be both inflammatory and misunderstood. Panic ensues. And speaking of shocks. Pauley Perrette, an actress on NCIS had a severe allergic reaction to her black hair dye. It can be deadly. Ring. Ring.

If you believe your Master Card debt is held at the savings & loan around the corner, read Jake Halpern’s new book Bad Paper. Even small community banks are bundling and selling off assets. So, don’t expect your nice neighbor at the customer service desk to call you when your payment is late.


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DSC_0005-4Autumn is not quite sure what to do this year. Confused relief. Half green during peak week. Corn still in abundance.DSC_0010

Feel good brief. Chef. The movie. It’s on demand. Jon Favreau. A gorgeous kid. Sofía Vergara. Happy happy. Joy joy. C’mon. We needed that!


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DSC_0008-2Here they come. Leaf peepers cluster muck up Route 91. Stay on the back roads.

Where is Kim? No. Not Kanye’s booty spouse. The short North Korea basketball dictator. Who is minding the bombs? Rodman? ISOL and ISIL. Ebola isolations and terrorists. Fun times. And. NLCS sounds like a disease, not an exciting baseball playoff. Call it something else. AIG lawsuit. Entertaining parade of witnesses. Geithner. Bernanke. Paulson. SideBizness.

Autumnal Roast Chicken.  Long Foliage SideTrekking.  Bon weekend.


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Unique Saturday late-night sushi summit at Nakazawa on quaint village Commerce Street. No wasabi shmears nor soy sauce here. Purist omakase only. Skipjack, mackerel, scallops, uni taste as if they’d just jumped out of the sea onto the simple chic plates. A quiet table at the back window enhanced the 20-piece folie. Rumored to have been enjoyed also by Pitt and Jolie.

Twin Peaks return? Laura Palmer said she’d see us in 25 years. It’s here. Ray Wise, Leland Palmer is currently playing a cult leader on Y&R soap. So, he’s available. Calling David Lynch. Can’t wait. Meanwhile, Homeland is back. Carrie escapes dreaded motherhood, off to Afghanistan as Brody’s baby clone Frannie stays back home. Sociopaths on both sides of the terrorist conflict.

Pats, Giants and Niners win. We’ll take what we can get. Don’t celebrate yet.

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