Turkey Time!

Yup. Gobble. Gobble. In August. Lots of whining, too. Why does big Donny get to sit at the adult table? Whaaaa. Carly and Ricks don’t like that. Neither does Lindsey. The kids’ table?! Really? Gonna hear lots of screaming next week before the first debate. Fox has its hands full. Too many turkeys to capture.

Meanwhile, El Trumpo has brilliantly lowered expectations for his performance. He’s “never debated before”.  Happy next Thursday! Thanksgiving early.

El Tigre at a turning point? Summer springs…    Bon weekend.

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Daily Beasts

Carly Fiorina says she will let the boys fight amongst themselves while she goes after H-Rod. No sanitized sound bites for her. Fox Poll numbers are suddenly up so she can be on their Repub debate stage. Only woman prime time must.

Jeb stuns with perfect Spanish fluency in a wide-ranging Telemundo interview. Kasich rising, too. Cruz crashes Senate as he slipstreams El Trumpo’s wake.

TomB likes H-Rod’s offense. What cell phone, Commissioner Goodell? Oh, well. He still has Gisele.

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Nasdaq Closing Bell

Sir Martin Sorrell invited some friends to help him celebrate 30 years of WPP. Can you find mAdBen?

WPP Closing Bell Photo

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Semi-Sweet Sixteen

John Kasich of Ohio is the last one to announce GOP Presidential candidacy. Fiorina. Cruz. Paul. Santorum. Pataki. Christie. Carson. Walker. Trump. Bush. Rubio. Jindal. Perry. Graham. Huckabee. Oy. I think he’s the best of the lot. Actually believes what he says. He is a can do kind of guy. Pragmatic. Private and public sector experience. Worked at Lehman Brothers.  Governor. U.S. Congressman. Armed Services Committee. Budget Committee. Upbeat vision. Reasonable values. Has a heart. God-fearing. Not God-preaching. Yup. He’s my fave for now. Huntsman team. No Neo-Cons. Truman-esque.

Is 16th the charm? Hope not too late to the party. Ohio. Ohio. Ohio.

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Finish Coarse

What would God say? Zach Johnson jovially tells the world that he was reciting ‘scripture’ on the sidelines as his competitor lined up a tying putt. Seems a little prejudicial. But, hey. I’m sure Jeeezus stopped whatever he was doing to listen to Zach’s exhortations to make sure he won the British Open. What?! Fine. Pray. Meditate. Levitate. But, keep it to yourself. The public doesn’t need to hear how your Faith exalted you above the rest of the field. How arrogant and insulting.

Okay. It was a boring playoff group. Shrek. Leishman. Johnson. Yawn. Speith and Day showed class in defeat. More than I can say for the ‘chosen one’.

Will miss the R&A starter who announced every player on a high note.


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New Course

Two Americans in the last four groups. One is a pro. The other an amateur. What do they have in common? Both named Jordan. An Irish amateur also shares the lead going into the Monday final. Youth be served. Role models all. Handsome Adam still in it. When all is said. Dunne? Or, at the end of the Day. Jason?

Meanwhile, the Donald has to change course. Can anybody corral that bucking boca? Don’t think so. Just hope he makes it to the stage of a few debates. And. ISIS is not an ideology. It’s. Internet. Seeking. Insurgent. Sociopaths.


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Old Course

Of course. Watching the Open. With Tiger the “middle-of-the-pack-hack”, commentary is more entertaining than the golf. Johnsons, Zach and Dustin. Yawn. Danny Willett. Who? Phippy fizzed. Rory decided to play a different sport. Ricky hasn’t taken his game across the Firth of Forth. So, yeah. Sporadically spying the play. On the record, Joey3 for Stenson. Me for Handsome Adam. We’ll see. Old Tom Watson in the links spotlight. Will he stay ’til Sunday?

In the meantime Emmy noms. Mostly a joke. Some good surprises like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Yay Hamm and Schreiber. That’s it.
Bon weekend.

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