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It must be December. Snow globe has appeared on the blog. If not in our town, then in Dr.Husband’s Shelburne Center photo header. Holidays must be upon us. Real flakes can take a break until after Christmas eggnog.

Joey3Sticks has bet many ranches on the Pats and now owns the Ponderosa. Broncos did indeed pullout an overtime flurry win. And Gronk is out. When will NFL Fox Sunday not have to spend half the hour on Jay Glazer’s injury report?

Nationalism’s Global Spread. Buy Local. As protectionists gain popularity and power in Europe and Canada, Trumpistas here at home, invest in products made in the U.S.A. It’s a trend. Do the research, though.

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Post Stuffington Post

Political conversation this Thanksgiving a first. Family rarely let it all hang out. For many reasons. But, 2015 has given birth to new voices. Apolitical siblings are all Trump. Independent-minded moderates can’t find a Republican they like. Rubio a rube. Ted snarly. Bush lite. The usual moon bats prefer Bernie and don’t like Hillary much, but Supreme Court appointees brought everyone together. Bottom line. Hillary may pull it off.

Watched Amy Schumer’s Train Wreck. Hader and Swinton were great. Otherwise. Okay.

In Sports news. Joey3Sticks picks Denver over New England. Yes. You heard it here. Injuries over talent. But, hey. AFC. They are all girls anyway. Go Giants!

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Stuffington Post Day 2015

Gathering at Briarcliff Manor this year. Beautiful weather. Great to be together. Beer. Lots. Cheer. Lots. Even a dancing duo. Secret of the non-headache grape will remain so.  Thanks Alison & Joe!IMG_7813-2








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Stuffington Posts Past

StuffingtonPost memories. Food. Family.

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Snarkington Post

Okay. Holiday schmaltz is upon us. Snark break. Lauren Bush Lauren aka Lifshitz had a baby. Adele’s new album should have gone the way of Amy Winehouse’s second. Too soon? SNL’s Adele Thanksgiving table banter was familiar and funny. Matthew McConaughey has physical humor chops. AMA show a study in narcissistic indulgence. Except for JLo. She stuns. Homeland too close to home in current terrorist theme if cartoony in personal plotline. The Affair gets better every week. Williams College location scenes. My money is on the jilted daughter. Spoiler alert. IMG_1479

Pats continue undefeated in a weak division of the flimsy AFC. But, best head coach with a great QB. One of the few who knows clock management. Makes the most of every player. Rex Ryan angry. And. So long SanFran’s Kaepernick. “Foot injury” puts you on IR. Right, Peyton in Denver?

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Stuffington Post Recipes

DSC_0052.jpg%22Still giddy from getting Final Jeopardy last night when Tournament of Champs didn’t. So. It’s that time of year again. Kitchen therapy definitely a good idea.

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Meat Street

Surf Side

Via Veggie

Stuffington Post- Thanksgiving

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Bush Whacked 3

It’s official. Jeb wants to continue the Bush Doctrine. He announced today that it would be good to put U.S. boots all over the Middle East. Shock and Awe redux. NeoCon coup. Incredible that he wants to send troops to fight a global gang of thugs in places where they may or may not be. It worked so well last time. Next in the family line of Cheney Wolfowitz puppets. Déjà vu.

And that’s not all. Jeb even trumps his born-again brother. Demanding that refugees prove that they are Christians and only they will be let in to America. Oh, goody. Why not elect him. Bush 3.

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