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Porch reading season. Finally. Books to take off the shelf. Any other suggestions?

Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown
NYTimes Column– Timothy Egan. Crew as Life.

Patrick Melrose Series, Edward St. Aubyn

History of the Rain, Niall Williams

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Zou Bisou Adieu

MadMen7. Know when to fold ’em. Don got zoo bisou’d up the wazoo. Au revoir Québeciennes, Maman et Megan. They took him to the blanchisserie. Funny. Should have ended le mariage in L.A.  And. What was with the waitress Diana off-ramp? No contextual sense. Yet. Mommy flashback? Another dead child in his past? If not, yuk. Creepy couple in the elevator. Did we have to see matronly neighbor again? Hope Matt Weiner recovers his taste for the last five episodes.
Game of Thrones needs a boost, too. Sometimes it’s better to say adieu plus tôt.

Tom Brady wearing Joltin’ Joe’s #5 at Fenway couldn’t pass a baseball.

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Spieth’s Armour

Jordan had no chinks in his Under Armour. History at the Masters. And none of The Side Trek blognosticators picked him. So, Joe. You do the math. Who won?

2 Phippy. 4 Rory. 12 Ricky. 17 Sergio, Tiger. 22 Reed. 28 Day.
38 Scott, Bubba, Schwartzl. Kaymer missed cut.

Joe’s winner: Dr. Husband. Although Will had double Phil’s.


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Hillary Rodham is hitting the Presidential campaign road again. Champion of middle class families. Grandmotherly wisdom and compassion. Mature view of the world. Announcement video panders to every constituency from brown babies to gay dogs. A solid strategy. It’s about us. Not her. Given the competition on the right, it could be a home run for H-Rod in 2016. We’ll see.

Gorgeous day to launch a political ad. Nobody watching the Masters anyway. Spring has finally sprung. Runaway by phenom Spieth. So far. We’ll see.

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Spring Hopes Eternal

Ah. The Masters. Annual ritual. Azaleas in bloom. At Augusta National. Not here. Tiger will be taking Charlie Axel and Sam Alexis to the Par 3. Could it be. A comeback for the ages? I won’t jinx it. Joe’s picks for the Green Jacket. He won’t let them wear it unless it fits. Jason Day. Bubba Watson. Ricky Fowler.

I’ll pick Woods to win with his kids. Then in that other tournament. Charl Schwartzel. Martin Kaymer (the package). Rory McIlroy. Anybody but Phippy Mick. Doesn’t matter. I will be watching wearing my pink cap. Straight from GemQueen’s visit to the Cottages. It’ll be fun to see flowers anywhere.


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bAd Don is Back!

When we left MadMen7 last year, Don had finally shed his Dick (capital D), and returned to being fabulously Draper. Roger took advantage of bittersweet circumstances to enter the M&A era keeping Sterling Cooper intact. Under McCann Erickson. As the 1960’s ended, everyone was gathered around their televisions to watch the first lunar landing in awe. Bobby Morse took us and Bert out in style. The Moon Belongs to Everyone. The Best Things in Life Are Free.

It is next year. Episode 8. bAd Don is back. Yay! If that’s all there is to life, then let’s keep dancing. Joan remains the best character. Bottom line no drama. All the men could learn from her. Wolf Hall will have to wait for a binge.

I did have Wisconsin, Joe.


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EastOver Again

Hide the afikomen. Pastel eggs. Elijah. Easter Bunny. Happy gatherings even as crocuses are still buried under snowbanks. Dr. G’s Latkes and Strahl Brisket.
Go Michigan State!

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Another okay read from the best seller list. It wasn’t a fairy tale. Separate and parallel sagas of a French blind girl and German genius boy coming of age during WWII.  Story and style juvenile, but matured as did its two protagonists. Should have remained focused on them.

Beginning of the end of MadMen. Bon weekend.

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