Mal Weekend

Snow. Yes. That’s right. It is snowing. Again. Right now. Plus, Flu. Malaise. Gray days. Okay. What’s great? My four teams have all made it to the Final Eight. Go Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Notre Dame, Michigan State!!

Gail Collins has a fun pop up quiz about Teddy Cruz. I got 7/9.

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Truman Show

Call me crazy. I like Ohio Governor John Kasich. He’s not pretty. Nor polished. Just common sensical. Refreshing. Not saying I’d endorse him. Yet. But.

Cannot endure Hillary’s halting humor for two minutes let alone years. Nor trumped up women’s issues as the centerpiece of a presidential raison d’être. Pay equality does exist. For the same productivity, service, results. Always has in the private sector. Class disparity another stutter. We need fresh and new.

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Pick ‘n’ Roll

TV pick of the year so far. Conan in Cuba. You have to find this 90-minute window into a wonderful culture just off our shores. Laugh until you cry. Learn so much. O’Brien’s nod to Bourdain’s Parts Unknown with a slap stick.

March Madness rolls on. Sweet Sixteen. Um. Joe. Michigan State beat oops… Virginia! Who is still in? Oh, yes. All of my teams.

Girls finale. They are finally gaining independence and perspective. Growing up. Gone Girl. Found it at RedBox. It was good. Rosamund Pike personified Amy as in the book. Affleck not so much Nick.

Run Ted Run. This could be fun.


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Vernal Equinots

Spring shming at 6:45 p.m. Couple of inches welcomes it in. photo-71

Broken brackets. Mine still in tact. Until tonight. Bon weekend.


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March Crabness

Soaps pre-empted for first rounds. March Madness?! It can’t be now. Freezing. Windy. 2 feet of snow still on the ground. Crocuses and daffodils submerged. Anyway. Here are my final four.

Gonzaga. Wisconsin. Notre Dame. Michigan State. C’mon. Kentucky too easy.


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Women v. Women

Women’s worst enemy? Other women. NYPost exposes Valerie Jarrett and Michelle O behind HRC email leaks. And other intrigues emanating out of the feminist wing. Beware women’s rights advocates. They are all for your rights unless you are wrong. Hillary not liberal enough. Yes, they like another woman, Elizabeth Warren. But, they are backing Martin O’Malley, too. I know. I plead guilty. And don’t even talk to Maureen Dowd. Ouch! Most scathing anti-Hillary column ever. Should be interesting Morning Mika tomorrow. She overtly pushes the Valerie-Michelle-Warren agenda to promote her book and lecture series.

And… just finished the number one best seller The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. Weak women. Bad men. Yawn. Three needy, vulnerable competing current women tell their stories around an English train track. Intriguing literary device. Reductive in the end.

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Now that we can venture out again, only time for a mini-binge. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is funny and sweet with Jane Krakowski, Tituss Burgess, Carol Kane. Tina Fey’s voice is clear. Over on Girls, Hannah’s bosom buddy Dad is gay. Poet from Northampton won on Jeopardy Monday.

Tell Hillary not to measure the drapes quite yet. Nor should Bill pick out the blondes. She needs a new script. House of Cards meets Veep? That won’t even work. Hill’s not charming. Nor funny. Martin O’Malley worth a look. He is.

Bears have emerged. Bird feeders in. Birthday Lamb Curry. Good. Bon weekend.


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